Friday, November 15, 2013

The Toad and The Princess -- about Rhonda "Trullinger" Madison

"The Toad and The Princess" is a story encompassing some of the great truths a certain princess has learned in her life lessons.

Some truths are from the great book, the Bible; other truths are the simple steps used by Twelve-Step groups.

Join a princess on her journey through lessons to serve her father while learning to keep focused on the tasks and moving forward in the face of friends who do not yet understand the truth this princess has learned. This story is about ending violence against others.
Rhonda has experienced many life-changing events, including the loss of a son in a drunk-driving accident. Rhonda has also had experience with violence, including domestic violence. It is Rhonda's desire to help the world see the truth about violence and the current attempts to change others.

When leaving a dangerous marriage, Rhonda experienced the attacks of well-meaning friends and community leaders. One day Rhonda wrote this fairytale to help kids of all ages see the importance of accepting people for who they are, not who we want them to be. This book contains powerful and valuable information.

Bullying is just another form of violence and learning the skills of inner strength and walking away from all forms of violence is the only way to stop all forms of abuse and violence. Bullying works because the "victim" believes the lies, this is true of all forms of domestic violence.

The world is domestic for it is our home. Any violence, anywhere in the world is domestic violence. Only when each person knows they are worthy of freedom from all violence will they call upon their inner voice and strength to stand against the attacks and walk in freedom and peace. What good is it to have life if that life is misery?

Please use the information in this book to take a deeper look at the words and deeds of everyone around you and decide to live differently.

Note by Virginia Pickles Jones:  Rhonda is a new blogger for the Garden of Roses: Stories of Abuse and Healing.  She is a domestic violence survivor from Wallowa County, Oregon.  If you want a copy of The Toad and The Princess, contact the publisher ( or order from a bookstore local to Wallowa County -- The Bookloft (107 E. Main St. - Enterprise, OR 97828 - 541-426-3351Email: or check out

If you want a EBook, contact the publisher. 

Or you can contact Rhonda by E-mail at with "your book" in the subject line so it can be retrieved if it is sent to spam.

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