Friday, September 12, 2014

Photos of Nature in Oregon to Inspire Your Healing

Since childhood, I found myself calmed and uplifted from the troubles of my life when I went into nature and when I communed with animals.  I felt connected to Saint Francis before I converted to Catholicism.  I thought this saint who connected to animals and nature the way I did was really cool.  We still have to work on our relationship issues but time spent in nature can calm us down in a moment of pain and daily walks and sits and drives in nature can help us lower our stress levels over the long run.

Here is a link to my Facebook page, Inspirational Oregon.  I took out everything about abuse as some personal friends who wee also Facebook complained to me that  they did not want their children to know about abuse and could I please keep my posts family friendly.  I decided to try a page about the healing beauty of nature would attract those people and so far so good.  Almost as many people have liked my Inspirational Oregon Facebook page in two months than have liked my Compassionate Gathering Facebook in almost 5 years.

Oh well.  I am trying to respect their feelings, but I will keep on talking about abuse anyway.  It won't end unless we keep on speaking out.

In the meantime some people tell me that my photos alone help them feel calmer.

So look away at Inspirational Oregon.

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