Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Recovering from Surgery but Still Walking

Changing my dressing

Physical Therapy exercises

I am still moving forward. I am in chronic pain but at least my elbow moves some and with Physical Therapy, I am gaining a little more movement every day. The surgeon essentially inserted a metal hinge into my arm. The uncomfortable part is that I can feel that hinge. It moves around and sometimes hurts.

I have always been a supporter of universal healthcare. Now I am living to reasons for supporting Universal Healthcare. The surgery cost $42,000. A trip to the emergency room would have been much cheaper. I am still working on a Walk with the Homeless to take place in July. Street Roots, the newspaper written by homeless and formerly homeless people is supporting the Walk. Many people who suffer abuse end up homeless because their struggles with drugs and alcohol or depression and troubles with relationship skills make it difficult for them to maintain jobs. I've met many homeless survivors of abuse on the Walk Across Oregon.

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