Thursday, June 5, 2014

Making Your Own Personalized Journal

Steps in making a personalized journal:

1.  Draw or print pictures you want to decorate your journal with from the internet.  I am making a journal for my daughter who is loves the Japanese language and culture, and who loves her pet kitties very much.  For her I drew a heart around red circle signifying the Japanese flag….

Then I printed copies of photos of her kitties.

Finally I printed some Japanese words I found on the internet.

2.   Assembled your materials.  This includes:
 your pictures
a school composition book*
colored duct tape
3 by 5 cards or card stock cards
indelible ink marking pens
colored tape (I use colored Scotch tape.)

*Please note that I buy my school composition books when they go on sale in back-to-school sales every summer.  I like these composition books as they have stiff, cardboard covers making them easier to write in without a table to write on.

3.  Cut out pictures, leaving a margin to which to attach the tape.

4.  Line up your pictures on your composition book

5.  Tape the pictures to the composition book with the colored tape.


If you have extra tape, simply fold it over the inside cover of the composition book.

6.  Once you have taped all your pictures to the composition book with colored Scotch tape, cut a piece of duct tape and apply to the composition book, leaving a border of colored tape showing along the border of each picture.

Make sure you cut off the section of tape over the spine of the composition book as there is no space to  loop it under the cover of the book.

7.  Cut the edge of the duct tape at the corners of the composition book so that the tape can be neatly folded over the inside of the cover.


© 2014 Virginia Pickles Jones


  1. Now that’s a new spin to ordinary journals and other school supplies! This is really great. I’ll try it out myself. :)

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