Saturday, June 21, 2014

Mt. Hood Rambles: The Road to Marmot/Barlow Trail

This blog is not finished, but I lose my photos if I don't publish so I am publishing it too soon.
Please come back later to see the finished blog.  --Virginia

Watch  a video of the Road to Marmot/Barlow Trail made in June:  Old Barlow Trail video

Below is the view of the road in February.

But soon there will be a link to a video made in June.  Each season is a beautiful season.  Each season is interesting in its own way.  Spring brings wildflowers and the songs of mating passerine birds and azure blue skies.  Winter brings a lush growth of moss to the ashy banks of the upper Sandy River and dramatic cloudy skies.

Directions:  To find East Barlow Trail Road turn onto East Lolo Pass Road by the Zig Zag Mountain Store and Cafe at Zig Zag on Highway 26.  Turn left onto East Barlow Trail Road just after you cross to the West side of the Sandy River.  Drive towards Sandy (the town), but keep to the right and take East Marmot Road when you come to Sleepy Hollow Drive.  Stay on Marmot until you reach SE Ten Eyck Road.  Turn left on SE Ten Eyck Road and follow it to Highway 26 at the east end of Sandy (the town).  Coming from Portland turn left onto SE Ten Eyck Road and turn onto SE Marmot Road just after you pass over the Sandy River.

In late winter the grass is brown.

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